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Lastest info from lost_and_forgotten:
i like to sing

lost_and_forgotten's bio:
i want to be a astronaut

Poem TitleDate
Kaylee Ann4/15/05
For My Little Brother4/15/05
Mending Sonata4/15/05
Sick Of Men4/3/05
Do I Love You?4/3/05
My Suicide Letter4/2/05
The Broken Hearted3/21/05
Mon coeur est casser3/21/05
Shadow of Your Past3/21/05
Forget What I Told You3/21/05
Beautiful on the Inside3/15/05
...i hurt you...3/15/05
Past the Facade3/11/05
Bleeding Heart2/21/05
White Canvas2/21/05
Cotton Candy Dreams2/13/05
Behind My Broken Smile2/13/05
Death of the Beloved2/2/05
He Died in My Arms2/1/05
Poison Ivy1/22/05
The Rain1/22/05
Suicide of a Broken Heart1/22/05
Apple Blossoms1/2/05
Just Look1/2/05
The Day I Was Raped12/30/04
Leave Me To Cry12/30/04
Lips of Poison12/29/04
Feelings of China12/29/04
Demons Have Wings12/29/04
Nothing To Be Felt12/29/04
Sexual Fun12/28/04
I Moan12/27/04
Lust and Love12/27/04
Man From Peru12/27/04
Night On The Beach12/27/04
Fat Ass12/24/04
Just Another Week12/22/04
The Storm That Saved Me12/22/04
I Think Of You12/22/04
What Is Love?12/21/04
I Love You12/20/04
When I Am Silent12/18/04
Je Suis Dans l'Amour12/17/04
Corner Of My Mind12/17/04
A Stroll Through Your Heart12/17/04
Lost In My Thoughts12/17/04
Let Go12/17/04
Mirror, Mirror12/16/04
So I Don't Love You?12/16/04
Not As Sweet11/26/04
Christmas Without You11/21/04
My Own Cheerleader11/21/04
Always Like This11/21/04
Color Me Pretty11/21/04
December Moon11/16/04
The Sound of Good-Bye11/16/04
Snow King11/16/04
Wishing on a Star11/16/04
Our Love11/16/04
Cheating on You11/14/04
Broken Wing10/4/04
My Guardian Angel9/22/04
Why Can't You Trust Me?9/22/04
Fuck It All9/22/04
Diese Nacht9/19/04
On Stage9/19/04
I suoi Begli Occhi9/18/04
My Love9/6/04
My Reason for Suicide8/21/04
I Used To Love7/25/04
My World7/24/04
Last Breaths6/11/04
Unexpected Death6/8/04
Just Leave5/29/04
I'll Always Love You5/29/04
Lessons of Life5/29/04
Crumbling Heart5/29/04
True Happiness is Hidden5/29/04
Tough Love5/29/04
Beginning of Love5/29/04
If I Had Known5/29/04
One Day5/29/04
A Child's Life5/29/04
Love Slips Away5/29/04
Identical Differences5/29/04
And Now You're Gone5/29/04
What Is To Be5/29/04
Sadness of Love5/29/04
Almost Doesn't Count5/29/04
Go Away5/29/04
For Dad4/29/04
My Suicide4/29/04
No More4/29/04
To Mom4/29/04
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