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Poem TitleDate
Of The Night4/19/05
A Lonely Existence4/10/05
My Love For You (please comment)4/4/05
God Works Through Us3/29/05
Too Much Confusion in So Short a Life3/24/05
Hate me3/23/05
Goodbye? (PleaseReadandCommentifuWant)3/21/05
Only Human (please comment!!!)3/21/05
Were You There?3/21/05
Living in a World of Ignorance3/21/05
Silent Cries3/20/05
Thirty years from now3/19/05
Judge me3/19/05
Break Free3/19/05
So Is That What You Want?3/19/05
Cheap Imitations3/19/05
Hope For Calm Seas (please comment) :(3/18/05
6 Feet Under3/18/05
You Never Knew Me3/18/05
Jeremy Wade Delle3/17/05
Bleeding Hands3/17/05
Living Too Hard Too Fast. (please read!)3/17/05
Death is Now in My Hands3/15/05
Once you're Fucked Its Hard StartingOver3/15/05
Don't Look Back3/15/05
The Devil's Children (please comment)3/14/05
Laughing insanely3/11/05
Contradicting Thoughts of Oblivion3/11/05
Floating Through Space3/11/05
9/11 (Please please read...)3/11/05
Why Do We Get Hurt?3/11/05
I Shed a Teardrop in the Rain (Please Co3/10/05
Fuck Assumptions3/10/05
Siiver Eyes3/10/05
Forever Tainted3/10/05
Kill it Off: The Beginning3/8/05
Empty Tank3/8/05
A Pale Moon's Night3/7/05
I'm Sick (please comment)3/7/05
If You Need Me3/7/05
The Rose (Please read this)3/6/05
Do You Feel This3/6/05
Slice through3/6/05
El Camino3/6/05
Where did we leave off?3/6/05
Dream World3/6/05
Feeling Fairly Fucked3/6/05
Could You Really Say?3/6/05
Don't Want to Give You Up (cool...)3/6/05
You Never Gave a FUCK3/6/05
Pure Evil3/6/05
When I Am Free (please comment)3/6/05
A vore poem3/5/05
Fragrance of Death3/5/05
Soiled Defeat3/5/05
Did you cry?3/5/05
My Life is Becoming Uncontrollable3/5/05
My Picture is Painted (please comment)3/5/05
I Watched You Take My Happiness3/5/05
Hey man Im da numbuh one stuntuh go away3/4/05
Oompa Loompa Comment or Vomit3/4/05
What the Universe Has in Store for Me3/4/05
Mr Crowley3/4/05
How Much is Too Much?3/4/05
Would you?3/4/05
Fuck Haters3/4/05
Don't Look Back to Cry (please comment)3/4/05
Fantasy (Please comment.)3/3/05
Spiraling Downward3/3/05
That's what your mom said last night3/3/05
Keep Rollin3/3/05
PEOPLE JUDGE (Applies in many areas!)3/2/05
Don't Ask3/2/05
Why the Fuck Are You in Such a Hurry?3/2/05
I Need a Quiet Place3/1/05
Overcome (please comment)3/1/05
The Coldest Winter Chill3/1/05
Fade to Black3/1/05
My Fault3/1/05
Short Road to Death (Fixed version)3/1/05
You Don't Understand (please comment)3/1/05
Rain (Inspired by "Stan" by Eminem)2/28/05
You Would Like That, Wouldn't You?2/28/05
IsolatiOn is Killing mE2/28/05
Fleeting Fantasy (Comments Please!)2/28/05
Nemesis (based on a true story!)2/28/05
You thought...2/27/05
A simple gift2/27/05
Living in fear2/27/05
Balancing Act2/27/05
You were there2/27/05
My Weakness2/27/05
My escape2/27/05
A clouded eye2/27/05
Torture (Comments)2/27/05
Cry the shit out of yourself2/27/05
Brain Damage :9 COMMENTS:p2/27/05
Sweet Angel of Death2/27/05
Fuck you! (COMMENTS!)2/27/05
A Neurotic homicide2/26/05
Thought (Comments please!)2/26/05
What Have we Become? (Comments please)2/26/05
Aging (Comments if you like)2/26/05
The mind... (comments please!)2/25/05
The one I love2/25/05
My suicide (Please read!)2/25/05
Serenity (comments please!)2/25/05
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