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Morbid Angel's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from Morbid Angel:
I write from thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences. I try to be as truthful as I can, and I want to share my views with the world. Some of you out there might not like them, but who cares? I am what I am, I feel what I feel and I live because I choose to live and the way I do it is also my decision.

Morbid Angel's bio:
So for a teenage girl it seems like I've had alot of these I guess. I suppose I can be seen as the steriotype; wrist cutting, hearts breaking, lost love, suicide attempts...You may think these are the actions of an attention seeker but these are real, sometimes they are exaggerated for poetic quality but for those people who can't understand, it does happen. Age is just a number, it doesn't determine your experiences or feelings.

Poem TitleDate
Breaking Out4/22/05
Picture In My Pocket4/22/05
To Be A Man4/22/05
Thats Ok.4/21/05
She's On Fire4/19/05
Heaven Beside You4/19/05
Ready And Waiting To Melt4/17/05
But You.4/17/05
Love Long Ago4/17/05
Without You~Blurred Vision4/17/05
Hot And Cold ~Diary Of A...~ Conest Ent.4/16/05
Sweet Dream4/16/05
Lucid Dream4/15/05
Super Model4/15/05
Error In My Ways4/14/05
Bending My Back4/12/05
La La La4/10/05
Love Is Dead4/8/05
Skin And Bones4/8/05
Hearts On Fire~It's Love4/3/05
Each Bullet We Exchange4/2/05
I'm Gone.4/2/05
Goodnight Song4/2/05
Seeing Stars3/31/05
The Art Of Deception3/31/05
Hell Rose, Heaven Fell3/30/05
Glowing In The Moon3/30/05
Hide And Seek3/30/05
Driven Insane3/29/05
Throne Of Modesty3/29/05
Gone Sour3/28/05
Bullet In The Blood3/26/05
Too Far Gone3/22/05
Twisted Individual3/22/05
Poisoned By Your Fumes3/22/05
Touch Your Secret3/22/05
Time Ticks By3/22/05
After Everything3/22/05
Miss Me3/22/05
Live It3/22/05
You Were My Angel3/22/05
Set In Stone3/14/05
That Much More3/14/05
Steal This3/14/05
Eye Heart You3/12/05
Weaker Knees3/11/05
Make Me Happy3/11/05
Cure Me3/9/05
Perfectly Beautiful3/6/05
Addicted To You3/5/05
Means The Same3/5/05
Once In A Lifetime3/5/05
Breaking At Your Feet3/2/05
Until The Memory Is Gone.3/2/05
Break Down {Mike}3/2/05
Lets Pretend3/2/05
To Make Her Go Through Hell2/27/05
Anything To Dream2/27/05
Picture Of You2/27/05
Lost For Words2/27/05
Hard To Be2/27/05
Behind Your Eyes2/26/05
I Want To Dance2/26/05
I'll Never Say2/26/05
All In My Head2/26/05
Love Me Will You?2/26/05
Poet Or Ghost2/26/05
He Carved His Heart Out2/26/05
Waiting Angel2/26/05
Somethings Destroyed2/26/05
Between Heaven And Hell2/25/05
Dead Power2/23/05
Twisted Insanity2/23/05
Without A Chance2/23/05
Lost In Your Reality2/23/05
Your Heart Has Turned To Black2/23/05
Worst Sacrifice2/23/05
Love Sick.2/22/05
Choking On You2/20/05
Say A Little Prayer2/19/05
The Most Wonderful Time2/13/05
Sweet Angel Valentine2/13/05
Train Wreck2/13/05
Prince Charming2/13/05
Hush Little Baby2/12/05
Satisfied In This Lullaby2/11/05
To Love You2/11/05
Set The World On Fire2/10/05
Begging You Not To Cry2/8/05
Show Me What It's Like To Die2/7/05
Trusting My Fate2/6/05
Army Of Angels2/6/05
Never Speak Again2/6/05
And Now I'm Letting Go2/4/05
She's Writing You A Love Letter2/4/05
With One Last Apology2/4/05
The Blood Of My Angel1/31/05
You Make Me Sick1/31/05
Losing My Faith1/30/05
Everything I Deserve1/30/05
Voilent Tear To Tear The World Apart1/30/05
Could Have Meant The World To You1/29/05
A Reason To Let Go1/29/05
Love You Like I Do1/29/05
Put Your Fist Through My Teeth1/29/05
For Your Sake1/28/05
Remember To Forget.1/28/05
Bled For A Secret1/26/05
October Nightmare1/26/05
Secretly Screaming1/25/05
Angels Falling1/24/05
Missing The Point1/23/05
Crime And Punishment1/23/05
Trying To Forget1/23/05
Far From Perfect1/23/05
Who I Am1/23/05
I Do Believe In Angels1/23/05
Heart Bomb1/23/05
This Time I'm On My Knees.1/9/05
Been Catching You For Too Long1/9/05
This Is The End Of Me1/8/05
Hate The Ride1/8/05
She'll Fly.1/6/05
Innocent Angel1/4/05
Clouds Of Doubt1/2/05
Fuck You, I Don't Want To Need You1/2/05
Come What May1/2/05
Trick Of The Mind1/2/05
How Nice Of You To Break Me1/2/05
Why Does She Cry?12/31/04
Living In The Moment12/31/04
Alone In The Dark12/29/04
Theres Not Much Hope For A Girl In Love12/28/04
Baby Perfect12/25/04
I Would Listen If You Let Me12/24/04
Break The Glass12/24/04
Hall Of Mirrors12/24/04
River Pt II12/23/04
Masterpiece Of A Mind12/21/04
In A World Full Of Everything12/21/04
Almost An Angel12/21/04
Place In Your Mind12/21/04
And So It Goes12/21/04
Death Test12/20/04
Taste It12/20/04
Until Then12/19/04
So Much Harder12/18/04
Empty Eyes12/18/04
Devils Kiss12/18/04
My Obsession12/17/04
In Need Of An Angel12/15/04
It Doesn't Mean You Won12/15/04
Quite As Beautiful As Her12/12/04
My Final Words To Sarah12/12/04
Another One For Arnie12/12/04
Role In Society12/12/04
Lonely Christmas12/12/04
Licked Up All The Drips12/12/04
For A Second In Time12/11/04
Gone With The Sin12/11/04
Just A Bunch Of Shit12/11/04
Urge To Love You12/10/04
Sweet Angel Of Agony12/8/04
Rest A Secret In Yourself12/7/04
She's So Pretty12/7/04
Night I Lost My Mind12/7/04
Tear Don't Drop12/6/04
Heart Of Your Soul12/6/04
This One Moment12/5/04
Fuck It All {Pt II}12/5/04
For A Broken Heart To Heal12/5/04
With Every Second12/5/04
A Wound In The Skin12/3/04
Living For You12/3/04
Push It Out12/3/04
Tear Out My Heart12/1/04
Not Good Enough To Die For You11/30/04
(No-One) But You11/30/04
I'll Take All The Blame11/29/04
Everything Must Come To An End11/29/04
Hit The Wall11/28/04
Fuck Jesus And His Cross11/28/04
The Heart That Binds Me11/28/04
Torn In Two11/27/04
Some Sweet Fantasy11/27/04
And They Said11/26/04
Break The World11/26/04
Angel In My Eyes11/26/04
Some Kind Of Hell11/24/04
But I Won't Let Go11/23/04
Fuck It All11/23/04
It's Kinda Crazy11/21/04
Dance With Me One Last Time11/21/04
To The Bottom Of The Sea11/21/04
Like A Snow Angel11/18/04
Trying To Find My Way Home11/18/04
Sometimes I11/17/04
Sweet Girl Gone11/16/04
So Happy I Could Cry11/15/04
You Are Nothing, I Am Everything11/14/04
Scared To Say I Love You11/13/04
Too Fat To Eat, Too Hungry To Starve11/13/04
Can't Take Back What You Make {War III}11/12/04
The Scars From Where I Fall11/12/04
How Love Fades11/12/04
Window Into Me11/12/04
So Cold11/12/04
Once Upon A Time11/11/04
Love Is For The Weak And Torn11/11/04
Blink The Pain Away11/9/04
Spit On Her Grave11/9/04
i like cheese11/8/04
I Won't Let Those Eyes11/7/04
Unholy God Tears Me Apart11/7/04
Neglecting My Life11/7/04
Lost Souls11/7/04
Soul Disconnected11/7/04
He Lost His Way11/7/04
I Wish For A Wish11/7/04
Dying Child11/7/04
What Makes You11/7/04
Sleep Your Life Away11/7/04
I Won't Be Destroyed11/7/04
The Thin Line Between Death And Life11/7/04
Old Before My Time11/7/04
War Pt II11/4/04
Swallowed By Fear11/4/04
I Carried On11/4/04
This Beauty11/4/04
Grab Hold Onto Forever11/4/04
All The Words That Make Me Think Of You11/2/04
Never Expected You To Understand11/2/04
Alex - The Girl Who Cried Wolf10/31/04
Is It Such A Sin To Be Different?10/31/04
Love Never Dies, It's Murdered10/31/04
The Reaper Took My Hand10/31/04
Screaming So Loud10/30/04
Shadow Of Me10/30/04
Nothing Else To Live For10/30/04
Instant Messenger10/30/04
Nightmare Or Dream, Confusion Or Knowing10/30/04
One Step From The Grave10/29/04
On The Outside Looking In10/29/04
Pleasure Zone10/29/04
Whore/Vow Breaking Bride10/29/04
Dead And Gone10/29/04
Degraded Into Nothing10/29/04
When You Wish Upon A Star10/28/04
One Cut, Three Cuts, Four Cuts, More10/28/04
For All You People Who Don't Give A Fuck10/26/04
This Is My Suicide Note...10/25/04
666 Words To Tell You I Love You10/24/04
Guiding My Way10/23/04
Me In Your Arms10/23/04
The Thoughts Of A Teenager At 01:1010/23/04
One Last Cut10/22/04
Love At First Sight10/22/04
Walked Straight Past10/22/04
Dead Before The Dawn {Chris}10/22/04
All The Minutes In The World10/22/04
Half Of My Heart10/16/04
My Star10/16/04
The Morbid Angel10/16/04
L'Angel Morbidé10/16/04
Love Turns Into Hate10/15/04
Looking For My Way10/15/04
Beaneath Your Hands10/15/04
Rise And Scream Your Name10/13/04
Rot In Pain10/12/04
Desire For Death10/12/04
Voice Of Death10/12/04
Metaphorical Murder10/11/04
In My Grave10/11/04
Look At What You Killed10/11/04
This Is Hell10/11/04
Release The Pain Inside10/10/04
Give You Up10/10/04
Love Story10/9/04
Where Do We Go From Here10/9/04
Not In Your Arms/So Sorry Andy10/9/04
To My Scars10/8/04
Write Without A Reason10/8/04
This Blade10/8/04
Just Like You10/7/04
As A Memory10/7/04
How Do I Tell You?10/7/04
Take Me Away10/5/04
Because You Tore Me Apart10/5/04
You Promised10/5/04
Always A Reason10/5/04
Where Were You10/5/04
The Only Thing10/5/04
What I've Been10/4/04
You Were Here With Me10/4/04
Used You10/4/04
Hurt You Anyway10/4/04
A Twist...9/30/04
Love You Still9/30/04
Endless Grey9/29/04
Love Letter9/29/04
That Girl9/28/04
One Night9/28/04
Someday/My Fantasy9/26/04
Don't Hurt Yourself9/26/04
Metal Heart/Thornless Rose9/26/04
Learn To Fly9/26/04
Bed Of Roses9/25/04
Carve Your Name Into My Arm9/25/04
Paperclips Through My Wrists9/25/04
Attention Seeking Freak9/25/04
Falling At Your Feet9/25/04
Broken Mirror9/25/04
Death By Suicide9/24/04
The End/Fuck You Friend9/24/04
Darkness Comes9/24/04
For Your Return9/24/04
To See You Like This9/23/04
I Love You9/23/04
Away From Here9/23/04
Nothing Else9/22/04
Something So True9/22/04
Not Like I Do9/22/04
One Thousand Roses9/21/04
Never Meant To9/21/04
You Make Me Feel9/21/04
My Everything, My World9/21/04
Times Of Sleeping And Silent Screaming9/21/04
Understand Me9/21/04
Love Through A Knife9/20/04
Fairy Wings9/20/04
End of my life9/20/04
Forever Always9/19/04
Silent Misery9/16/04
Engaged To Be Murdered9/15/04
Don't Touch Me9/14/04
Again, Pain, Away, Day9/14/04
Left Me My Pain9/14/04
Welcome to my world9/14/04
Cheated and Lied9/14/04
Without You I'm Nothing9/13/04
These Words9/13/04
Never Let Go9/13/04
Everything To Me9/13/04
I hate you9/12/04
I don't know9/12/04
Body Cold9/10/04
Walk Away9/10/04
Poem From A Dead Girl9/9/04
Dear Diary9/8/04
Too Weak To Even Try This9/7/04
Get Over You9/6/04
How Does It Feel?9/6/04
Poem for I_Love_Sandy9/5/04
Listen To The Rain9/5/04
Slip Away9/4/04
Angel Of Death9/4/04
What have you done to me9/3/04
Death Vampire8/31/04
My Addiction8/30/04
When Night Comes8/30/04
Your Everything/20 Things For You8/29/04
Ain't it a shame8/29/04
Died In My Dreams8/29/04
Dying In Chains8/29/04
Broken Dreams8/29/04
Hearts Can Change8/29/04
Home To Hell8/29/04
Three Words8/29/04
I'm Sorry8/27/04
The Kiss Of Sin8/27/04
Our Path8/27/04
Living A Lie8/27/04
Midnight Mist8/27/04
Can't Say Goodbye8/27/04
My Barbed Wire8/27/04
My Goodbye8/27/04
My Only Option8/26/04
My Razorblade Love8/26/04
My Little Red Room8/26/04
Forever More/Our Amaranthine Infatuation8/26/04
Just The Two Of Us8/26/04
Pretty Faced Girl8/26/04
If I'm Sorry8/26/04
I think I love You8/26/04
Slit My Wrists8/26/04
Spill My Heart Out8/26/04
The Dream8/26/04
Til Death Do Us Part?8/26/04
Twisted Mind8/26/04
Arms Wide Open, Come break my heart8/26/04
Dancing With The Devil8/26/04
10 times the pain8/26/04
Dieing To Be Alive8/26/04
And I guess I'm ok8/26/04
If Only8/26/04
Stary skies8/26/04
It's been A While8/26/04
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