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Cut_Wrist_Risk's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from Cut_Wrist_Risk:
I love eminem....But I love punk rock. I guess I love eminem so much because he speaks his mind no matter what! He is the leader of himself and so many other people..thats amazing. He is so talented. I wish I could write half as good as him! My BeSt FrIeNdS oN hErE aRe: Tainted_soul_777 and Complicated_Life Love u kalie and sarah!!

Cut_Wrist_Risk's bio:
I love my 4 best friends and only friends really Kalie,Mary,Sarah,and Lacey. I used to have more but almost everyone abandons me...but w/e im fine I got enuff friends so im good! The only reasons im still here is my friends and SOME of my family. I love you guys... To view Kalie's poetry: http://www.zenhex.com/poets.php?poet=28917 To view Sarahs poetry:http://www.zenhex.com/poets.php?poet=48071 YOU WONT REGRET READING ANY OF THEIR POETRY! THEY'RE BOTH AMAZING WRITERS!

Poem TitleDate
If life had a BACK button4/21/05
Everyone's against me4/21/05
Her life slipped4/21/05
You think it's easy, it's not believe me4/20/05
Stabbing myself instead4/20/05
Hanging on to you :)4/19/05
Aceepting and getting over you4/18/05
Push away4/18/05
Im wanted in my dreams4/18/05
My locked heart4/18/05
I dont know why4/18/05
The chance to cut4/18/05
Chasing you4/17/05
How I REALLY feel4/15/05
Dont even know me4/15/05
It's just another suicide(too late)4/15/05
This one's for you4/15/05
To everyone who's ever been hurt4/15/05
I wont be here4/15/05
Im already dead4/15/05
Eat, sleep, go make girl cry, then skate4/14/05
Why can't I?4/14/05
A part of my past4/14/05
Cleaning out my closet4/14/05
My past future4/14/05
Your friendship4/14/05
My only wish4/13/05
It's hell even in heaven4/13/05
A glimpse of hope4/13/05
The fault that isn't yours4/13/05
I apoligize4/13/05
My first love my only love4/12/05
I know how bad it hurts(hope)4/12/05
Living without you(in hell)4/11/05
Goodbye to you4/11/05
I guess it's over4/11/05
I knew it would happen4/11/05
Not agian4/11/05
You're gone4/11/05
When I loved you4/11/05
You didn't stay4/11/05
Missunderstood and a little confused4/11/05
Leaving me4/11/05
Through everything4/11/05
What did I do?(PLZ READ)4/11/05
What I saw in you4/11/05
Self pitty4/11/05
Blaming everyone4/9/05
Letting you go4/8/05
Hard to say goobye4/8/05
Never met you4/8/05
Hope...(not what you think!)4/8/05
Wrinkles in time4/6/05
Before I met you(last cut)4/6/05
Pretend that everything's fine4/6/05
Not okay!4/6/05
You think im gone4/5/05
If you just cared(AWESUM)4/5/05
Your own fault4/5/05
Going away4/5/05
The side affects of love4/5/05
It wont be too long(suicide)4/5/05
Too late4/5/05
Forgeting you(be nice comment)4/5/05
If you cared4/5/05
Anoher predictable love poem4/4/05
All of this for you!!!!!4/4/05
Another suicidle teen4/4/05
Cant stay mad at you4/4/05
Life,Love,and Pain4/3/05
Man Made4/2/05
Appear Perfect(longsong)4/2/05
I love you4/1/05
Be mine4/1/05
Remember forever4/1/05
Pushing it3/31/05
Once and for all3/31/05
My only escape3/31/05
Take it3/31/05
For you3/31/05
Wishing on a star3/31/05
All Along3/31/05
Too Late3/31/05
For Everyone...3/31/05
My own Dad(true story!)3/29/05
Always and Forever part 23/29/05
In the end3/29/05
When you fall in love...3/29/05
Why does it always have to be this way?3/29/05
This thing we call "life"3/29/05
Letting go of you3/29/05
The rest of my life3/29/05
This poem has nothing to do with ducks3/27/05
Things don't work that way3/26/05
The rules of heartbreak3/24/05
Another you3/24/05
Why write another poem?(love,hate,ect.)3/24/05
The story of suicide3/24/05
The thing we'll never know3/24/05
You never care anyway3/22/05
What about me...you only care about you3/21/05
I dont feel alive...3/21/05
My cries3/21/05
Soldier(REALLY GOOD C FOR SELF!)3/20/05
A letter to a friend3/19/05
Why I cut myself(how I became)3/19/05
fell in love w/ the guy at the pavilion3/18/05
I miss you already3/18/05
All I have to loose3/18/05
Dream to be loved(CoMmEnT)3/18/05
Nothing Left...plz comment3/17/05
Wash away today.3/17/05
All by myself!(COMMENT)3/17/05
Condsider you my friend3/16/05
no guarentee.3/16/05
Start over3/16/05
Three years...(pimpin poem)3/16/05
By someone...:)3/16/05
I am finished!3/16/05
Untill you have nothing(PLZ COMMENT!!!)3/15/05
Together or not3/15/05
Why I should give up writting3/15/05
My guardien angel(going to stay)3/14/05
Her or me3/14/05
being alive +3/13/05
Pretending, and wanting..3/13/05
Breakin down3/13/05
My tombstone3/13/05
That skater guy3/13/05
Killing Cooter3/13/05
Dad please dont leave3/11/05
FUCK BUSH!3/11/05
Saving me3/10/05
I thought you'd make everything better3/10/05
Without an explanation3/10/05
The things I miss3/10/05
Hiding under your scars3/8/05
Another Broken Hearted Love Poem(GOOD)3/7/05
Things that happen(life)3/7/05
MiXeD fEeLiNgS(comment puckers)3/6/05
Always want you3/6/05
Wanting you!(sad)3/6/05
Underneath the covers(KISS MEH BABY!)3/5/05
Your kiss3/5/05
Feeling something3/5/05
What part did I fall in love with?3/2/05
Definition of lonely3/1/05
The person I want to be with3/1/05
Kill for love! (AWESOME!)2/27/05
Life(freakin comment)2/27/05
Loosing a best friend(COMMENT)2/27/05
Trust someone2/26/05
To whom it may concern...goodbye letter2/26/05
What I'd do for you2/26/05
This cut's for you2/26/05
Screaming(Only by you)2/26/05
Fuck everyone and everything! (AWESOME)2/24/05
I am(must read)2/21/05
End of line2/21/05
I'll do it!2/21/05
Why I HATE loving you(COMMENT)2/20/05
Attempted suicide backfired2/19/05
TOO SOON! (comment haters!)2/19/05
I am still in love with you2/19/05
I have to survive....2/17/05
The bloody forgiveness2/15/05
My plead of no more pain2/15/05
Behind the cuts(comment)2/14/05
Make it on my own?(READ)2/13/05
Always be fine(comment)2/13/05
I just don't care(comment haters)2/12/05
I hope it isn't too late2/12/05
Make it up2/11/05
Missing puzzle peice(love poem)2/10/05
Left Behind2/10/05
Hold on2/9/05
Infinite tears, and four friends away.2/9/05
I should of died2/6/05
You don't know how lucky you are2/5/05
This world is cold(pretty good!)2/4/05
You died because of me2/3/05
Dillons last words2/2/05
What you said ment so much(RIP DILLON)2/1/05
My first day without you2/1/05
Too weak, too strong, lost without you2/1/05
Battle of suicide2/1/05
Suicide at sixteen2/1/05
R.I.P Dillon I love you2/1/05
I wish2/1/05
Forever and always2/1/05
Have you ever2/1/05
I'm sorry1/30/05
Lovely death1/30/05
What do you do?1/27/05
Happy without me1/25/05
Dont let go...(comment)1/24/05
My suicide goodbye (PLEASE COMMENT)1/24/05
What I would do1/23/05
Falling to hard1/23/05
I want, I need1/10/05
Realizing my life without you1/10/05
Intill there was you1/9/05
In love1/8/05
Waking up wondering COMMENTS1/8/05
My reason for living1/8/05
Ocean Of Mixed Emotions1/8/05
Your difference1/8/05
The bad times1/6/05
Tell me you're okay1/6/05
Nothing ever gets better(favorite)1/5/05
Living here alone1/5/05
Saving you1/5/05
Love is like a rose1/4/05
I miss you1/1/05
The sad look1/1/05
Godly Being12/31/04
I'll miss you and I love you.12/31/04
Above all (perfect)12/31/04
heaven is too far12/29/04
Sucide is weak12/29/04
Still in love with you12/27/04
Time to let go12/26/04
s i l e n t SCREAMS!12/25/04
Fuck everyone12/25/04
Take over me(COMMENTS)12/24/04
What I'm going through(comment on please12/24/04
Bye but not for long12/23/04
make it worse12/21/04
Tell me you'll stay. (sequal)12/19/04
Don't notice me12/15/04
Even till this day....12/15/04
figure this out....12/13/04
another day12/12/04
Don't tell me you're leavin12/12/04
I thought you cared12/12/04
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