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mishy0077's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from mishy0077:
I have recently decided to try and write "happy" poems. Thnx to a friend and Rory

mishy0077's bio:
I'm 14. I'm a girl and I love poetry :) especially depressing ones. lol. but I am resisting the tempation to write them anymore, im going to try and only write happy ones, i might tho in a sad one here and there, but yeah. :D My bf is Rory and I love him so much! and yay!

Poem TitleDate
Broken Trust *plz comment*4/23/05
Betrayed Trust *plz comment*4/21/05
How Do I Know? *plz comment*4/20/05
My Family *plz comment*4/20/05
Not Meant To *plz comment*4/19/05
Feeling crap4/19/05
Shut up *plz comment*4/19/05
Not Right *plz comment*4/19/05
Crying *plz comment*4/18/05
Hiding *plz comment*4/18/05
Missing You *plz comment*4/15/05
Watch Me *plz comment*4/15/05
God Isn't Real *plz comment*4/15/05
Parts Of Me *plz comment*4/15/05
I Love You *plz comment*4/14/05
IT-part 10-Too Much *plz comment*4/14/05
Fight *plz comment*4/14/05
Greatfull *plz comment* :)4/13/05
You :) *plz comment*4/13/05
Spinning *plz comment*4/13/05
Change Of Pace *plz comment*4/13/05
Can't Imagine Life Without You4/11/05
How? *Please Comment?*4/11/05
I want you *ha ha ha*4/10/05
Your Fault4/10/05
When You Leave *half happy, half sad*4/10/05
What am I?4/10/05
Darkness *comments appreciated*4/10/05
A Living Lie *plz comment*4/10/05
Soon To Be Gone4/9/05
Something is missing4/9/05
Leave her alone4/9/05
My friends *plz comments*4/9/05
One More Time *plz comment?*4/9/05
Moving on4/9/05
My Desire4/9/05
Her Saviour4/9/05
Tonight He Gains My Heart4/9/05
Love Does Form4/9/05
Her Lover4/9/05
His Girl4/9/05
Ending Kiss4/9/05
I love You4/9/05
Love Makes Me *comment*4/9/05
Tears Of Love *comments appreiciated*4/9/05
Fear *plz comment*4/9/05
Anger *plz comment*4/9/05
The Rose *plz comment*4/9/05
I Ask You *plz comment*4/9/05
Drawn In *plz comment*4/9/05
IT-part 9- Give up *plz comment?*4/9/05
I Dare You4/2/05
Silent tears *plz comment* Plz read rory4/2/05
Trust *plz comment?*4/2/05
Do you love me too?*plz comment*4/2/05
Without You *plz comment?*4/2/05
Why? *plz comment*4/2/05
Nothing *plz comment?*4/2/05
Forgotten *plz comment?*4/2/05
My Pillow *plz comment*4/2/05
Blood tear *plz comment*3/31/05
Fuck off *plz comment*3/31/05
i know *plz comment*3/31/05
Hurry and Break *plz comment*3/31/05
Thoughts of You *plz comment*3/31/05
You again *plz comment*3/30/05
I saw *plz comment*3/30/05
move me *plz comment*3/30/05
Thnx (please comment)3/29/05
My Former Best Friend *plz comment*3/29/05
#1 fan *plz comment*3/28/05
Loving You *plz comment*3/27/05
Heaven *please comment?!?!?*3/27/05
You showed me *plz comment*3/27/05
I Love You *plz comment*3/26/05
My Love For You *please comment*3/26/05
No matter what *plz comment*3/26/05
You can chase it away *plz comment*3/26/05
Me and You *plz comment*3/26/05
tough *plz comment*3/24/05
My Fault *plz comment*3/24/05
Dreams *please comment*3/23/05
Last Resort3/23/05
Waiting *please comment*3/22/05
Hide away *please comment*3/21/05
Just a memory *plz comment*3/21/05
Virgin Cuts *please comment*3/21/05
Let me Live(die)*please comment*3/21/05
As you fade *plz comment*3/20/05
Don't End It *please comment*3/20/05
Never-ending cycle *please comment*3/19/05
You caused it all *plz comment*3/19/05
Those Words *please comment*3/19/05
Last Words *please comment*3/19/05
My drug *plz comment?*3/18/05
IT-part 8 - the insider *comments plz?*3/17/05
The Demon *please comment*3/15/05
Hopeless atempts *please comment*3/8/05
The Awakening *please comment*3/8/05
Broken *please comment*3/6/05
IT - part 7 *please comment*3/5/05
You left me *please comment*3/5/05
Trying To Live *please comment?*3/4/05
*You* (pretty bad, plz comment)3/1/05
A reflection (please comment)2/28/05
IT - Part 6-couldn't stop (plz comment?)2/25/05
IT - part 5-the last one? (plz comment?)2/25/05
IT - Part 4 (please comment)2/25/05
candy to blood (comments plz)2/25/05
Not Me (plz comment)2/25/05
In the shadows (comments)2/25/05
YOU SELFLESS JERK (comments plz?)2/22/05
Why do you love me? (comments plz?)2/22/05
You're everything (comments plz?)2/21/05
Good Bye Once More2/20/05
Is it working?2/19/05
Forever (plz comment?)2/18/05
IT'S OK. (c0mm3ntz w0uld b3 n1c3)2/15/05
GANGSTA STYLE (comments plz)2/15/05
IT-part 3 (comments plz???)2/15/05
These Feelings (COMMENTS)2/14/05
IT - part 2. (comments :) plz???)2/11/05
IT (comments plz)2/11/05
Thank you (comments please?)2/11/05
It Seems Like(COMMENTS PLZ)2/8/05
Take me (COMMENTS PLZ)2/8/05
Don't hurt me(COMMENTS PLZ)2/8/05
No Life Nor Soul2/4/05
Miss you, love you, want you back2/4/05
Can't believe it2/3/05
Since you've been gone2/1/05
You don't know2/1/05
Letting all go2/1/05
No Purpose2/1/05
Too Late2/1/05
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