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Poetry Page for 9019
Genocide Reaper's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from Genocide Reaper:
Mark of this Demon. XXX My fangs sink deep into the flesh upon your neck. Blood breaking free from the veins in which it was trapped. Now you are mine, tormented, blood sucked, every chasm fucked, soul torn, wishing you were never born. Welcome to my Hell. Created from the depths of a fascination with death.

Genocide Reaper's bio:
Poet. Guitar player. Weapon collector. Blood Thirsty. "Do you really need to know more?" Maybe you do.. But I don't want to tell you...Unless you ask. of course... Please, remember your manners. Or, if you were never taught any. I'll give you the basics hear and now. "Don't butt into a conversation, wait until they have finished speaking, staring and pointing is rude. Assumeing is rude and proves ignorance. Don't chew with your mouth full. And for Gods sake. Wash your crotch."

Poem TitleDate
Crucified, suicide.4/22/05
Not surprised4/22/05
Debauchery fueled epitome4/22/05
All hail hate4/22/05
Masterpiece from a malicious messiah4/22/05
Bending her halo4/21/05
Self inflicted abuse4/20/05
Sister of christ4/20/05
Eternal pain4/20/05
Dead men do not speak4/20/05
Anti-Christ messiah4/20/05
Dead end dreams4/20/05
Words of wisdom unheard4/20/05
Destinies bell4/20/05
Brain damage4/17/05
Last time calling.4/17/05
Silhouetted death4/17/05
Out of options4/17/05
Swamp of apathy4/17/05
Ghosty dream4/17/05
Appease wrath4/16/05
No more to this life are they slaves4/15/05
Drunken sneak4/15/05
Cut wrist risk, I say tisk tisk.4/15/05
Jesus in a jar4/15/05
Suicidal static.4/15/05
malicious miracle4/15/05
The bullet that doesn't miss4/15/05
Black water demise4/15/05
Doomed on a cross4/15/05
Barbwire noose4/15/05
You've been owned4/15/05
if you slit your wrist.4/15/05
Strategy is victory4/15/05
Suicidal seed4/14/05
Emotional kids4/14/05
Homicidal thoughts4/14/05
Irremovable stain4/14/05
Idol soul4/13/05
Mankind & his ways4/13/05
I remember. (Unfair love.)4/13/05
Mark of this demon4/13/05
I speak again4/13/05
Sins of the Father4/13/05
Depressed poets4/13/05
Diplomat of blaspheme4/12/05
Death shall be4/12/05
Dedication within departure4/11/05
Demon horde4/9/05
Our hearts elope4/9/05
Life's a bitch4/9/05
Further into the abyss4/9/05
In memory of Oscar4/9/05
Blood red waters4/8/05
Hey Christian4/8/05
Blacked out VI4/8/05
Sheep & Atheist4/7/05
Be a warrior (God of war)4/7/05
Bleeding soul4/7/05
Dead story4/7/05
Death (coffee and cigarettes)4/7/05
His Flock4/7/05
Eyes of an artist4/5/05
Dear, zver.4/5/05
Modern Mary4/5/05
prequel of an Angel4/5/05
What more could you ask for?4/5/05
Snake of the mind4/4/05
My love for you, don't forget to swallow4/4/05
Death and rape of an Angel4/4/05
Christian lies4/4/05
Hey kid4/3/05
Lord, from me, to you.4/3/05
Mansion of madness4/2/05
The reaper comes4/2/05
Words of a Warrior.4/2/05
Inevitable Revelation4/1/05
Flashes in the sky4/1/05
To the emotional dramaqueens3/31/05
Cock the hammer pull the trigger3/31/05
Am I her enemy?3/31/05
In time3/31/05
Christian disease3/31/05
Death isn't prejudice3/31/05
Murder of a goat3/31/05
Mark you as mine3/30/05
For the whiners3/30/05
Get serious3/30/05
In the end3/30/05
Suicidal teens (Dedicated to them)3/30/05
Stains of the past3/30/05
A man3/30/05
Here to convey3/30/05
Selfish society3/29/05
Everything seems gray today3/29/05
Tolling bell, count the tolls3/29/05
Cliche cutters3/29/05
Psycho (house of horrors)3/29/05
The world. The vision.3/28/05
Mandatory Normandy3/28/05
Forged in steel and pain3/28/05
Time to speak (Jesus)3/27/05
Forsaken life3/27/05
Golden souls (petting the dead butterfly3/27/05
Plighted past3/27/05
See what God see's3/27/05
Happy Jesus death day.3/27/05
Hated enemy3/26/05
Carry out life with pride3/25/05
Decadent dream3/25/05
Dark hearts of the Earth3/25/05
Decomposing christ3/25/05
Idiot hippies3/24/05
From the darkness to the crypt3/24/05
Cursed to live3/24/05
.44 put to use3/24/05
As thou soul3/24/05
Do not fuck with me3/24/05
Enemy (sheep)3/23/05
Flurries in the grove3/23/05
Join the society3/22/05
Rising Hellfire3/22/05
Here I come (again)3/22/05
Devil in your bed3/22/05
Bang your head for salvation3/22/05
Follow along3/22/05
Vampiric luxury3/21/05
Face the truth. (idiots)3/21/05
My maiden of murder3/20/05
Sick bastard3/20/05
Awakening fear3/19/05
War is Hell3/18/05
My deed (for her)3/18/05
Understand my view3/18/05
In our love I drown3/18/05
Don't press me3/17/05
They will learn3/17/05
Came to say (this)3/17/05
Hollow I am3/17/05
Call upon3/16/05
Love pain hate rolled into one3/16/05
On the cross3/16/05
See them say (my fingers)3/15/05
Dead days3/15/05
Tiny little sentence3/15/05
Together forever3/15/05
Fuck it all3/15/05
In sweetness3/14/05
The Reaper3/14/05
Spiraling down3/13/05
Death fest3/13/05
To those who criticize3/13/05
Sunny Sunday morning3/13/05
Here you go 'guest/critic'3/12/05
Clamor at the carcasses3/12/05
Missing her3/12/05
Help me. my love.3/12/05
Sneaky creep3/12/05
Christ the evil3/12/05
To my critics, that all dislike my poems3/12/05
Eclectic poem3/12/05
Christian conspiracy (Truth)3/12/05
In search of you3/12/05
Immortal soldiers3/12/05
Chilling night3/11/05
Locked in Hell3/11/05
Long list of poets3/11/05
I'm sin3/11/05
War vets and their modern enemy3/11/05
Running a revolution3/10/05
Scattered puzzle3/10/05
Broken ring3/10/05
Broken children3/10/05
Murdering a sheep3/10/05
My feeling for you. Precious.3/10/05
Mass emotions3/10/05
We all want you dead3/10/05
Dead rose petals3/9/05
Desert journey3/9/05
Here's the truth sarah3/9/05
Standing tall3/9/05
Fantasized reality3/9/05
Ignorant girl3/9/05
The end result of why idiots shouldn't3/8/05
Dedicated to the critics3/8/05
Love you3/8/05
Precious trickle3/8/05
This devil3/7/05
King of excuses3/7/05
I hate you all3/7/05
How it is3/7/05
The belt that bares your name3/6/05
Get to the ending3/6/05
So what?3/6/05
Out of time3/6/05
All I want is you3/5/05
Drinking and thinking3/5/05
What she has. What I crave.3/5/05
Inside this man3/5/05
Family of honor (family of murder)3/5/05
Thirsting for chaos3/5/05
Zver the idiot3/4/05
Geno and Maledeth3/4/05
Zver the russian raghead3/4/05
Saving the fallen3/4/05
Riding myself of her (memory)3/4/05
Good memories gone3/4/05
Number rhyme to the number whore3/4/05
Living for anger3/4/05
Cold hard reality3/3/05
Sarah number cunt3/2/05
Kill the idiots (zverII)3/2/05
Fight to live3/2/05
Share the same fate (everyone)3/2/05
Caught the Angel3/1/05
Queen of blood3/1/05
living nightmare (pleasant pain)3/1/05
Strange things2/28/05
Suicidal's and cutters2/28/05
Idiots on the poetry portal2/28/05
Christ undoing2/28/05
Heresy in the air2/28/05
By whom she was bled2/27/05
Another screw loose2/27/05
Need her2/27/05
Get away from me2/27/05
Walking the lonely road2/27/05
Into the darks dream2/27/05
I'm he2/27/05
Couldn't keep me down2/27/05
You thought wrong2/27/05
Sarah pt II2/26/05
Sarah the arrogant.2/26/05
Fuck you! DIE!!!2/26/05
Creeping sin. (twisted)2/25/05
It's late2/25/05
Secret of deranged mixture2/25/05
On a roll2/25/05
Ready. Aim. Fire.2/25/05
I'm not sorry2/25/05
Wa Ya2/24/05
New Christ2/24/05
Demonic Cannibal2/24/05
Soldiers letter home2/24/05
Magic enlightening night2/23/05
When I get down2/23/05
Too high2/23/05
All the pain2/23/05
You lose2/23/05
Druken insanity2/23/05
Famous liberals2/23/05
Delicate like a rose petal2/23/05
In the dungeon swearing revenge2/23/05
She shows me Heaven2/22/05
Death in metallic tools2/22/05
Hell has come2/22/05
Psycho rant2/21/05
A bleeding heart2/21/05
Anonymity before my eyes2/21/05
I'll be. (your nightmare)2/20/05
Perfect balance2/19/05
Blood stained ecstasy2/19/05
Empty city2/19/05
All six of us2/19/05
Deal with it2/19/05
Finger pointing snob2/18/05
Don't you feel dumb?2/17/05
Fallen Angel2/17/05
Morbid dreams2/15/05
Dead skin fortune2/15/05
Young mistakes2/15/05
Unlike the masses2/14/05
Lucky number four2/14/05
True love compared to valentine's day2/14/05
Valentine suicide (story)2/14/05
Hate expressed to those in self pity2/14/05
To the negative fools2/14/05
Arise from my darkness2/14/05
My malicious lover and I2/14/05
my victim2/14/05
Vicious valentine2/13/05
Happy sunday cattle2/13/05
Sheep of the Sheppard2/13/05
To all the motherfuckers!2/13/05
House of horror2/12/05
Hatred is great2/12/05
Hater of the haters hater.2/12/05
See you in Hell2/12/05
Feelings from years ago2/12/05
A worlds demise2/12/05
Chaotic cause2/12/05
Die liar2/12/05
Lost and depraved2/11/05
A world lost in war2/11/05
Idiotic kids2/11/05
Birthed from insanity2/11/05
For the hopeful lovers2/11/05
Love is dead2/11/05
Fuck corporate life2/11/05
Spawning the beast2/10/05
Rough night2/10/05
Valentine suicide2/9/05
I can see it2/9/05
Dedicated to the one that assumes2/9/05
Valentine's day card2/9/05
Not one to spare2/9/05
Another fucked up story2/9/05
Self indulgent shitbag2/9/05
Everyone feels2/9/05
Vile vampire2/9/05
Skank and her mutt2/9/05
The kingdom of greed2/9/05
The undead metaphore2/9/05
Fucking sick2/9/05
(Life) Sucks2/8/05
Snuff film. (Young lies)2/8/05
Justice's jugular2/8/05
Kill yourself trying2/5/05
Lucious night2/4/05
Haunted hospital2/3/05
Mandkind's suicide2/1/05
Go away1/31/05
Burning inside1/30/05
Taking a walk1/28/05
How I feel about you1/28/05
Into my mind/souls depths1/28/05
Loaded gun1/28/05
Tearing a hole1/27/05
Ungentle journey1/27/05
Jump into the machine.1/26/05
Do you .....?1/26/05
Slaying sheep1/26/05
The face of death1/26/05
Deathly flood1/26/05
Frozen for years1/25/05
When the end of days come1/25/05
Horsemen of revenge1/24/05
Dumb slut1/24/05
Crawling out a window1/23/05
Took a bullet for you1/12/05
Sweet silence1/11/05
she's in love1/11/05
Keeping secrets as you lie1/11/05
Another great idea1/10/05
smoking in the dark1/9/05
Adding to the pain1/9/05
Bad timing1/9/05
The next two minutes1/9/05
Our personal battle.1/8/05
On my knees in front of an Angel1/8/05
I fucking hate you bitch1/8/05
Choices and reality1/7/05
Apathy is better than gold1/7/05
God's vengeance1/7/05
Broken vow1/6/05
Scared kids (stalkers)1/5/05
Blacked out V1/5/05
Excuse untold1/5/05
This all1/5/05
Feeding the beast1/5/05
In this world1/5/05
Don't settle for nothing1/5/05
A thousand reasons1/4/05
broken Angel crying1/4/05
The voice of all things to choose from1/4/05
Total War1/4/05
Feel my pain1/3/05
You don't know me bitch1/3/05
My thoughts drunken religious mood1/3/05
Your own Hero1/3/05
Unwanted accident1/2/05
Scream at my creed1/2/05
Piece of glass1/2/05
Don't confuse me1/2/05
sorrow filled suicide (check it out)1/2/05
Pity the bullet I put in you1/1/05
Haunting memory1/1/05
Sarah is the prime example of1/1/05
Drowning in the bottle1/1/05
Deceitful Christ12/31/04
Vengeance reigns12/31/04
Our Hell on Earth12/30/04
News for Sarah12/30/04
Can't let these desires go12/30/04
Hell inside. Heaven in mind.12/30/04
wiping her tears away12/30/04
What I see12/30/04
Feeling more than you'll ever know12/30/04
A beautiful image for Corporate12/28/04
Be a man (corporate)12/28/04
Poor little kid (corporate)12/28/04
Fuck you corporate12/28/04
Masterpiece of a maniac12/28/04
Murder and rape of a Virgin12/28/04
The WAR!12/28/04
I hate you cunt12/28/04
Just want to die12/28/04
Stained glass reflection12/28/04
God of all12/27/04
Ballistic insanity12/26/04
Born to be12/26/04
Your Shepard12/26/04
Breathless souls set free12/26/04
Merry Christmas (from Geno)12/26/04
Calling evil12/25/04
Suicidal teens12/25/04
Cower fucker12/25/04
Went on one rant to another kiss my ass12/23/04
here I am again fuckers12/23/04
better than nothing12/23/04
Crown on the alter12/23/04
Take your beating12/22/04
Mr. Complain, about complaints.12/20/04
Midnight dance with a vampress12/20/04
Punk bitch12/20/04
The fall of the pompous12/19/04
Anarchist end of Earth (the present)12/19/04
Lines of fools12/19/04
Burn the picture (my attack)12/19/04
Bloody battles12/17/04
Insecure slut12/17/04
Your evil faith12/17/04
Final hour12/17/04
Yet again12/17/04
Words from a doomsday fanatic12/17/04
Fucked by a chainsaw. (sarah)12/16/04
Dear everyone12/16/04
My love12/16/04
Murder hall12/16/04
dumb founded delinquent12/16/04
White eye (maledeth)12/16/04
Fallen fool12/15/04
Another one for the fools12/15/04
Deth torments himself12/15/04
Little puppets12/14/04
Double faced whore12/14/04
To die fighting12/14/04
Dear sarah12/14/04
Sarah the idiot12/14/04
Pleasant death for a preppy girl12/13/04
Little lost girl12/13/04
Here sarah12/13/04
Listen to this12/13/04
Mr Kerry12/13/04
Moraphine please12/13/04
Beast of dreams12/13/04
Envy is your demise12/13/04
Hello children12/13/04
Last day of your life12/12/04
Sunday ritual12/12/04
delinquent drama queens12/12/04
Can't beat us12/12/04
Protecting My Morbid12/12/04
My unrelenting hatred12/12/04
Arni arni fucking pathetic arni12/12/04
Fuck you Arnie12/12/04
Truth of the after life12/12/04
Warriors within12/12/04
My blood12/12/04
blood stained kisses12/10/04
Geno's nameless poem12/9/04
Dedicated to dime bag darrel12/9/04
Respect the killer12/9/04
High on hate12/8/04
Murderer from the past12/8/04
I want you all to die12/7/04
If you hate Bush read it12/7/04
Hate is Murder12/7/04
Random violence12/7/04
Burning down the city12/7/04
Its Sunday12/7/04
Uncovering your past and burying mine.12/7/04
The envious one12/7/04
One in the same12/6/04
Just diabolic12/6/04
Blank canvas12/6/04
Never ending mind fuck12/5/04
Sorry for this sin12/5/04
Kitty and Bunny's house. owned by Geno12/5/04
Death to you because I'm here12/5/04
Rusting in the wind12/5/04
Have you ever wanted to die?12/5/04
Mending through bleeding12/5/04
Meet me. Hello.12/5/04
Christians, Muslims, Liberals.12/5/04
No war, no lust, no God, no fun.12/5/04
Dear Brother12/4/04
Watching Jesus rot12/4/04
my mistakes12/3/04
Missing you12/3/04
Monolith of misery12/3/04
Iv done so much yet so little12/3/04
Mock me, mock my Faith.12/3/04
To the kids and the world12/3/04
Fucked up side of me12/3/04
You and no one else12/2/04
Figure skateing fairy12/2/04
You don't speak it you think it12/2/04
Morbid'(a) Nine love12/1/04
Deep within12/1/04
Voice in my mind12/1/04
The Sucubus12/1/04
Bleeding cunt11/30/04
my midnight sky11/30/04
My poet heart11/30/04
Iv told you11/30/04
Golden Goddess11/30/04
Very vain11/30/04
I am the Modern Messiah11/30/04
For the first time in a long time11/28/04
Insolent little cunt11/28/04
Say your prayers11/28/04
Just to stop11/28/04
Lies and laughter11/25/04
Feeding the worms11/25/04
She could have listend11/24/04
Misty night11/23/04
My mind flowing like a river11/23/04
Invadeing the Church11/21/04
Rape a Nun pt III (The begining of the i11/21/04
Rape a nun pt II11/21/04
Wicked Rose11/21/04
Lets not pretend11/21/04
Warfare riseing11/20/04
My precious Queen11/20/04
Swaying, thinking, loseing.11/19/04
Christ the virus11/19/04
Questions for the mass11/19/04
Thinking of something11/19/04
Vampiric love song11/19/04
My nightmare11/19/04
Sitting in the shadows11/19/04
Its about11/19/04
Can't live today11/18/04
Short thought and sadness with fight11/18/04
I drown again11/18/04
Truth to be told. Truth to hold.11/18/04
Hate all I am all11/18/04
Revealing rage11/18/04
Flood of feelings11/18/04
I awake11/18/04
War and Love11/18/04
Bloody Pussy11/17/04
Last few words11/17/04
Waste of space11/17/04
The source of the infection11/17/04
Codependent parasite11/17/04
Not enough destruction11/16/04
Smooth temptation11/16/04
Happy hell bound heathen11/16/04
The greatest gift from God11/16/04
roses and shot gun shells11/16/04
I am a soldier11/16/04
Our eternity11/16/04
Letter to my Queen11/16/04
Past. Present. Future of ours11/16/04
Removing the crucified and giving reason11/16/04
Slaughter of peace11/15/04
Can't explain in a title11/15/04
Surfaceing of eternal pain11/15/04
You must be real now feel11/15/04
I miss you more than you'll ever know11/15/04
Dedicated to DJ Mr anti-suicide11/15/04
The price of war11/15/04
Dedicated to ????11/14/04
Killing in me11/14/04
Written for you11/13/04
Rip my soul11/13/04
Pray against me11/13/04
Fact of God11/13/04
Gods wrath (in the name of his son)11/13/04
Darkness in Death (my vengence)11/13/04
The battered man beating your soul11/13/04
City of the damned11/13/04
Demonic dreams11/13/04
Welcome to my11/13/04
You are11/12/04
Don't forget11/12/04
Me and my God11/12/04
Sued by the devil11/12/04
Spirit in blood11/12/04
Modern day youth11/12/04
Answers the door11/12/04
Just one night with my demoness11/12/04
master of destruction11/12/04
Sacrareligious ceremony11/12/04
Dark lord11/11/04
Namless poem11/11/04
As you dream of me I'll11/11/04
Infectious coroporations11/11/04
Blood soaked roses11/11/04
Your cure11/11/04
On my knees11/10/04
Pop sucks11/10/04
In the name of God11/10/04
Raw rage11/10/04
The best part of life11/10/04
Speed bleeding11/10/04
On my way to Heaven11/10/04
Honestly. (Fuck you.)11/10/04
God damn it! do it already!11/10/04
Pictures taken11/9/04
I love sandy. For you!11/8/04
Brutal battle flood11/8/04
Do remember me11/8/04
Melody of destiny11/8/04
Time spent11/8/04
The infection grows11/8/04
Mind Fuck11/8/04
Pretenious deadly distractions11/4/04
Election day11/3/04
I see now11/2/04
Writeing down old feelings11/2/04
Roses and candle wax11/1/04
Reality time to be real11/1/04
Blood soaked clovers11/1/04
Going to war11/1/04
Top twenty five10/31/04
Rythem killing. (dead end duality)10/31/04
Forget me10/31/04
Mystery in the dark his story (read)10/30/04
Quiet murder10/30/04
Theme song for kink10/30/04
Blood and bondage10/29/04
Shut up bitch10/29/04
Closest to love10/29/04
Children of tomorow10/28/04
Towards the future we'll reach the past10/28/04
Loyalty is the best policy10/28/04
party powder10/28/04
I miss my goddess10/27/04
Blacked out IV10/27/04
Multitude of mutilation10/27/04
I see myself10/27/04
Brutal sexual cancer10/27/04
Frozen angel10/27/04
Pink flower10/27/04
Vietnam II10/27/04
Blacked out III10/23/04
The demons are coming10/23/04
Rape a nun10/23/04
Karma. (trust no one)10/23/04
I'm gone, but not forgotten10/23/04
Soldiers life10/22/04
I am (everything you hate)10/22/04
If I die. Remember this.10/22/04
Warriors death Danuwa10/22/04
Speech to the weak10/22/04
Hush II10/21/04
I_Love_sandy. "last call"10/21/04
CHRIST IS GOD!10/21/04
The haunted house10/21/04
Breaking the first commandment10/20/04
Heres a God10/20/04
View this do this10/20/04
More war.. more war, fucking more WAR!10/19/04
Private asylum10/19/04
Kill or be killed10/19/04
Love Christ10/19/04
Shadow Immortal10/19/04
To the Christian that talked a lot10/19/04
My response to Christians and their ways10/19/04
Angel of Suicide10/19/04
Lone man. (and his dreams)10/18/04
Praise my faith10/18/04
Fuck pity10/18/04
Forever and a day10/18/04
Allow me to (C violence)10/17/04
Chemical death10/17/04
Mutating mortals10/17/04
The Great Cleansing10/17/04
Dear I love sandy this is for you10/17/04
I love you10/17/04
Onyx angel10/17/04
Blood stained boots10/17/04
So I hate you, you love it.10/17/04
Blacked out II10/16/04
Hunting the greedy10/16/04
no reason reason10/16/04
The End10/15/04
Blacked out10/14/04
flesh tearing machine10/14/04
Truth out the window10/13/04
Vampire of the unknown10/12/04
Burning kiss10/10/04
I'm screaming death!10/8/04
Warriors and sinners10/7/04
Carry the weight10/6/04
Take my hand10/6/04
Your chosen fate10/5/04
Like it hate it10/5/04
Poison regret10/4/04
The hate I adore10/3/04
Haunted tomb10/3/04
Numb lives buried in darkness10/3/04
Shit piss fuck cum kill10/2/04
Realm of Rage9/30/04
Creeping feeling9/30/04
The more things change9/30/04
War in the Astral realm (Battles of the9/29/04
Venting the voice9/29/04
Every time9/28/04
Teaching Obedience9/28/04
Waiting on a War field9/27/04
If you don't like me, read this.9/25/04
Let it Go. (Dedicated to I Love Sandy)9/25/04
The Exiled (Outcast)9/25/04
Brutal Murder. (Liar's Die)9/25/04
Buried past new Future9/24/04
Vindictive Violence and Violation9/24/04
Dirty dead martyr9/24/04
The storm9/23/04
Return of the Dedicated deranged9/23/04
Sneaking Rage9/16/04
Insomnia (thought prevoking)9/14/04
Violated one9/14/04
Slipping back9/14/04
Tasting innocence9/14/04
Drunk Vs Junkie9/14/04
Message to the Cattle and the Atheist9/12/04
Unknown Evil9/12/04
Killing yourself is killing yourself9/11/04
Bullets & Booze9/11/04
One too many times9/11/04
The right thing. (what I want)9/10/04
Part of the Chronicles9/10/04
Whats deep inside me. (how it is)9/10/04
My Fight9/10/04
My mistakes. (Haunting past)9/10/04
Food for the Monster9/9/04
Inside work9/8/04
Red wine & Roses9/8/04
We are9/8/04
My little whore9/7/04
What disgust me9/6/04
The Grim Reaper is coming9/5/04
Genocide Reaper9/5/04
One thing I want9/5/04
I'm the Heretic (Your the Liar)9/5/04
Don't blame me9/4/04
When the time comes..9/4/04
Cold black heart of mine9/4/04
The Band9/4/04
Shut up and Die9/3/04
What I became9/3/04
Mental pictogram,9/3/04
Duality of the Deranged9/3/04
Die alone9/2/04
Sex and Cigarettes9/1/04
I hate you. (Die)9/1/04
rationale immorality9/1/04
Vampire King8/31/04
Cattle (Like I care)8/31/04
Vampires crown8/31/04
Story of Gun shots8/31/04
Get away8/31/04
I am who I am8/28/04
The outcome of Fate8/28/04
Knights of the Genocide8/28/04
Sift & Focus8/28/04
Thought it was bullshit8/28/04
Dead forever more8/28/04
Hate (murder)8/27/04
you and your (Fad)8/26/04
Death (me)8/23/04
Lie to me8/22/04
Broken test subject8/21/04
Judgement Day8/20/04
Thoughts of the shamed8/20/04
What do I do when I want two things?8/18/04
my mind8/18/04
Hear what I say8/17/04
This Demon8/17/04
American rights used for Anarchist8/17/04
Once upon a Crooked Cross8/17/04
Your martyr in my eyes8/17/04
Maybe a Few8/17/04
All I hate8/16/04
Media trap (My debate with a Prick)8/16/04
America the Hypocritical8/16/04
She drown in Venice8/16/04
Christians piss me off8/16/04
Modern Martyr8/16/04
Personal statement8/14/04
She came home8/14/04
The world she's in8/14/04
Graveyard love8/14/04
Die whore8/14/04
Concern for abscent freedom8/14/04
How to play God8/14/04
Is gold worth the price?8/14/04
Inside my mind all my secrets reside.8/14/04
My personal Opinion8/14/04
Pitiful worm8/14/04
Tempting Stripclub8/13/04
Living for Dreams8/13/04
Sadistic son of a Bitch8/13/04
Revenge my only friend.8/13/04
Put me down8/13/04
I'm a Clock. (Bitter Truth)8/13/04
Honest me.8/13/04
Our Sin8/13/04
Unrelenting urge for Sodomy8/13/04
I know. (you love me)8/13/04
Kill yourself8/13/04
No one is really weak (just pressured)8/13/04
My place (escaping Reality to find...)8/13/04
Fuck these things in America8/13/04
Welcome back8/13/04
America The hypocrital8/13/04
Wasteland (me and you)8/13/04
The Rose8/12/04
Soil of Souls8/12/04
Peice of me8/12/04
Leave me be8/12/04
Fuck the Blood from you8/12/04
I know you8/12/04
Die inside8/12/04
Cry and Bleed for me8/12/04
One little sin8/12/04
Urging Idea (new notion)8/12/04
My story. (To Tell.)8/12/04
To ? From ?8/12/04
Icon of Psycho's voice8/12/04
What will happen. (what you really wante8/12/04
Run away8/12/04
Me and myself. (The Mystery Monster)8/12/04
Suffering. (inside)8/12/04
Vengence. (The day I said Goodbye)8/11/04
My pain (My Truth)8/11/04
Me 666 or 667?8/11/04
Fuck everthing about you8/11/04
Virus of Humanity8/11/04
The Future8/11/04
Fucking rage8/11/04
They say8/11/04
Neverending Hour Lust shower.8/10/04
End (broken record sound)8/10/04
I am8/10/04
Losing it8/10/04
I can't stop8/10/04
Tell me (I'll tell you.)8/10/04
God says8/10/04
Dark Angel of Mine, I'm yours8/10/04
My Dark Angel8/10/04
Short Story8/10/04
My one True Love8/10/04
Deep down inside8/10/04
What if8/10/04
Head banged with Jesus8/10/04
Its morning?8/10/04
Damn. I'm deranged.8/10/04
Hate me? I don't care. Just keep it up!8/10/04
Rose Garden Surprise8/10/04
Like me anymore?8/10/04
Maggots pt II8/10/04
This is life8/10/04
Completly Insane (I'm a Deity)8/10/04
Bleed the Norm8/9/04
Whorship me8/9/04
Love story8/9/04
Slow painful murder8/9/04
Dark Angel8/9/04
XxX Co-Side the Xex8/9/04
XXX memo8/9/04
About me8/9/04
Brooding Mood8/9/04
From the scarred Heart8/9/04
Comparing Them To Me & My Kind8/9/04
Too SuperBob8/9/04
Murder is an Art8/9/04
This night8/9/04
Notes to a Liberal8/9/04
0.1.2....Fuck you8/9/04
The Reoccuring Demon8/9/04
What I do (Voices)8/9/04
Perfect place8/9/04
All about you8/9/04
Can't stop me8/9/04
Not suppose to love8/9/04
Is this a Challenge?8/9/04
The poem like a void8/9/04
Fuzzy Einstien8/9/04
Demon stalking8/8/04
I am the poet among the mass8/8/04
Poetry God8/8/04
Superb Vicar8/8/04
Psycho's Passion8/8/04
Demon Love8/8/04
Vulgar pt II8/8/04
Win or Lose8/8/04
The Everlasting Anguish8/8/04
Last hope...I claim victory.8/8/04
I want a black past8/8/04
Here we go. This is open.8/8/04
Hold me8/8/04
Deadly Mixture8/8/04
You must understand8/8/04
News flash8/8/04
Say it8/8/04
What the Hell is Emo!8/8/04
Let me tell you this. since you love me.8/8/04
inexorable viciousness8/8/04
To the Suicidal8/7/04
Slit my wrist8/7/04
Once upon a time.8/7/04
I have no one.8/7/04
Reliving the past8/7/04
Cost of Need8/7/04
Twin Shadows8/7/04
Wageing Rage8/7/04
No more. No Less.8/7/04
City of Decay8/7/04
Fucking Die8/7/04
Blood filled Tears8/7/04
Looking for myself8/7/04
The Beast of Dreams8/7/04
Blood and Romance8/7/04
Painful Pride8/7/04
Wicked Ways8/7/04
Chorus of the Cursed8/7/04
This Time8/7/04
I read a poem.8/7/04
Challenge to the Poets.8/7/04
I'v done wrong8/7/04
Your questions. My Answers.8/7/04
Mockery of Poetry. Deaf Poets suck.8/7/04
The Bowels of Betrayel8/6/04
The opposition between Heaven and Hell!8/6/04
Like the Showering Tears8/6/04
New Christ8/6/04
Bitter tommorow8/6/04
My Blocked Mind8/6/04
Trial by the Deaf8/6/04
Alligence to death8/6/04
This One8/6/04
My bleeding Angel8/6/04
Hidden Behind the Cross8/6/04
To my X precious.8/6/04
Trust Whore8/6/04
Pagan pride. Heathen hate8/6/04
The conformed8/6/04
Extremist Christians8/6/04
My Demon8/6/04
What everyone needs to know8/6/04
Final Stand8/6/04
I'm the One8/6/04
My life8/6/04
Bleeding Rose8/6/04
O Children of God8/6/04
With this8/6/04
The Reason for you to Cry8/6/04
Midnight Murder8/6/04
Loving dominance8/6/04
The chosen path8/6/04
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