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SuperBob's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from SuperBob:
I am Leany....I cost milk and cookies....I finally got paid what I cost...but I'm always up for purchasing...I am shareable!...

SuperBob's bio:
my mind likes to change half way through a thought...i have difficulties with certain aspects of something or other...whats it called again?...

Poem TitleDate
The End8/16/04
No Time8/16/04
Stick A Fork In Me...I'm Done8/16/04
Stretching Out The Pain8/14/04
Burning My Essence8/14/04
I Give In8/14/04
Needed More Than Ever8/14/04
Deep Within Distance8/14/04
Hold Tight8/14/04
I smell Burning8/14/04
No Control8/14/04
Conspiracy of Three8/14/04
Once Long Ago8/14/04
Welcome Weekend8/14/04
Lonely Hour Of Night8/13/04
Break Me8/13/04
Left Behind The Scene8/13/04
Inabilty to Comprehend8/13/04
Lost Control8/13/04
Mind of Loss8/13/04
Torn In Two8/13/04
Again Tonight8/13/04
Mother Nature8/13/04
Human Antidote8/13/04
Mon Amour8/13/04
Picking Me Apart8/13/04
Fight The Feelings8/13/04
Decide For Yourself8/13/04
One Look8/13/04
Shooting Star8/12/04
Falling Rocks: Parts 1 and 28/12/04
Rolling Thunder8/12/04
Looking At A Mirror8/12/04
No Vacancy8/12/04
Dance Like Death8/12/04
No Milk Today8/12/04
Devils In The Dark8/12/04
You're Always There8/12/04
Meteor Shower8/12/04
Broken Promise8/12/04
Past Tense8/12/04
You Can Show Me8/12/04
What Brought It On8/12/04
Something To Think About8/11/04
Over With8/11/04
Time Flys When You're Rough8/11/04
Hear My Plea8/11/04
Bind Me8/11/04
Worth So Much More8/11/04
How Guilty Can I Get?8/11/04
I Won't Sleep8/11/04
The Final Stand8/11/04
Let's Trade8/11/04
Time for a Change8/11/04
Virgin Rites8/11/04
Parkside Arousal8/11/04
Entertain Me8/11/04
Raging Desire8/11/04
Understand My Words8/11/04
Tears Trickle8/11/04
Lieing Again8/11/04
Congratulatories Poetry God8/11/04
Now That Is Better8/11/04
One For Me8/11/04
Let's Do It Right8/10/04
Scared Me You Did8/10/04
Running Out8/10/04
Bleed Me As I Bite8/10/04
What You Need To Hear8/10/04
Let's Play8/10/04
Time To Show Me8/10/04
My God8/10/04
Not Enough8/10/04
Make A New Memory8/10/04
Let's Have Our Fun8/10/04
Sounds Inside Me8/10/04
Arrive Late8/10/04
Tasks To Complete8/10/04
Rainbows of Black8/10/04
Come on Down8/10/04
Look Me In The Eye8/10/04
Keep It Up8/10/04
Take Me8/10/04
Marred by Scars8/10/04
Needs and Pleas8/10/04
Cry From My Guilt8/10/04
Friends With Benefits8/10/04
Stab Me8/10/04
Take Off8/10/04
Feed Me8/10/04
A Dozen Roses8/10/04
A Promise Is A Promise8/10/04
Time To sleep8/9/04
I'll wait you out8/9/04
This Time For Sure8/9/04
Stinging With A Need8/9/04
Triangular Praise8/9/04
A Final GoodBye8/9/04
Painful Rain8/9/04
What to Do?8/9/04
To Kahno8/9/04
Farewell Dearest8/9/04
Coming Home8/9/04
To Genocide Reaper8/9/04
Welcome Back8/9/04
Care For A Beating?8/9/04
Tell Me This8/9/04
I Try8/9/04
I've been there8/9/04
Tick Tock8/9/04
I can play Doctor8/9/04
Times Up8/9/04
One Day8/9/04
Heart of Stone8/9/04
Illusions of Hope8/9/04
House Built on Love8/9/04
Look Beyond Dawn8/9/04
Can I Embrace It Now?8/9/04
Finish Line8/8/04
It's Not Over8/8/04
Fucking Hell8/7/04
Pictures of Loneliness8/7/04
Postal Service8/6/04
Darkened Cries8/5/04
End This Sleep8/5/04
Time Will Tell8/5/04
Invasion of Emotion8/4/04
Dreams From The Heart8/4/04
Waiting Out The Night8/4/04
By the Night-Light8/4/04
I Changed My View8/3/04
It's Gone8/3/04
Guilty Prick8/3/04
Atleast I Didn't Win8/2/04
Make It Worse8/2/04
How Will We Get By?8/1/04
Drifting from your love7/31/04
Drowning in Tears7/29/04
Never Ends When It Should7/29/04
What You Mean To Me7/29/04
This Is What I Asked For7/29/04
What Did I Get Myself Into?7/23/04
Could You Just...7/23/04
So Close To An End7/23/04
I wish for you7/23/04
My LunchBox Romance7/17/04
I knew I would be sorry for that7/17/04
I'm Waiting7/17/04
Bad Times7/16/04
Words I Regret7/16/04
Your Next Move7/16/04
Forgot About Me7/15/04
Friend...I to the End7/15/04
Like The Rest7/15/04
Three Hundred Fourteen7/13/04
Ranting a Release7/13/04
The Tears You Cried7/13/04
Only Why7/12/04
What Did I Do?7/12/04
The Knife7/12/04
Thank You7/11/04
Sleepless Nights7/10/04
Fuck Me...I Was Wrong7/9/04
The Pain Your Truths Cause7/8/04
I Was Right To Doubt7/8/04
For a special one7/8/04
Welcome Home7/7/04
I grow weak7/6/04
Take Me To You7/6/04
Last Try For Happiness7/6/04
What Have We Got?7/4/04
Distance Kills7/4/04
Hotel Life7/4/04
Dearest Truth7/4/04
At last7/3/04
Can You Find Me?7/3/04
Fade to Black7/3/04
This Is What Happens7/2/04
Other Excerts7/2/04
really short7/2/04
The Story That Follows7/2/04
three short ones7/2/04
no name7/2/04
more than 17/2/04
Give Her What She Needs7/2/04
In My Eyes7/2/04
I don't know how this happened6/30/04
His Little Pimptress6/29/04
This Never Had A Title6/29/04
No Candle Burns For Me6/29/04
Give Me A Chance6/28/04
Never Love6/28/04
When All Is Said And Done6/28/04
Basically me6/28/04
Too Many Questions6/27/04
I swear I'll never tell6/27/04
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