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trulybroken57's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from trulybroken57:
i just don't know anymore..........

trulybroken57's bio:
i'm 14, i'm a girl, i write, draw, run cross-country and track, and i'm going insane.........o well

Poem TitleDate
lost (please read)4/22/05
when i breathe...4/20/05
paint me every shade of red4/17/05
silent icy warmth....4/17/05
cut me4/14/05
piece by aching piece4/12/05
gasping for air4/11/05
who is left for us?4/10/05
i can't be in love4/7/05
are you scared now?4/6/05
just one more scar [please read]4/4/05
mirrored soul [faceless]3/30/05
walking away [please read]3/29/05
wake up [please read]3/28/05
pale love3/28/05
blood stained death......3/27/05
bound by blood and sorrow3/22/05
do you dare?3/21/05
find my broken soul3/19/05
drowning......[please read and comment]3/18/05
sweet promises3/17/05
let me tear myself3/17/05
crimson tinted life3/13/05
losing all within3/10/05
where wilted roses lay3/10/05
breathing in the poisen3/8/05
so isolated now3/5/05
laughing as i'm falling (delusional)3/4/05
just another day (please read)3/2/05
dying through life (fade away)2/28/05
tears of ice2/27/05
take them all away2/24/05
don't let me be alone2/24/05
eyes of stone2/24/05
softly slip away2/19/05
bring me back down2/19/05
forever immortalized2/18/05
numb me sweetly2/13/05
fallen once again2/12/05
empty silence2/12/05
my unfinished painting2/11/05
what's wrong with me?2/11/05
ruined my life2/9/05
broken promises2/9/05
if i cry out2/9/05
bury my ashes2/9/05
afraid to be hurt1/23/05
losing you (i'm so afraid)1/23/05
bleeding silently1/23/05
i don't like attention1/23/05
my dying soul (please read and comment)1/22/05
my confession pt. 2 (please comment)1/22/05
my confession pt. 1 (please comment)1/22/05
insanity's lonely song (plz comment)1/12/05
please understand (plz read)1/10/05
i can't take this anymore1/10/05
lost within myself (please come find me)1/5/05
look into my eyes (plz read)1/4/05
trusting you1/4/05
losing everything (plz read)1/4/05
thank you for being here1/4/05
this is killing me1/3/05
these empty words1/3/05
READ THIS! (especially tommy)1/2/05
choking on my hatred1/2/05
long, black train (please read)1/2/05
in my darkness1/2/05
dancing in the rain1/2/05
its undescribable (please read)12/30/04
over and over again12/30/04
its hard12/30/04
shrinking room12/29/04
confused reality12/29/04
unwanted dreams12/27/04
please save me12/24/04
lets pretend12/23/04
hopelessly exposed12/23/04
burning on the inside12/23/04
wasted one last breath12/21/04
thoughts of an insomniac12/20/04
missing you12/20/04
does anyone care?12/16/04
what happened to her?12/15/04
why do i cry?12/15/04
the shadow of darkness12/15/04
for you12/13/04
how can you say that?12/13/04
When I'm With You (a love poem)12/13/04
Silent Night12/11/04
Hidden In Plain Sight12/11/04
What's Behind The Curtain12/11/04
a hate poem12/9/04
with you i can shine12/9/04
perfectly flawed12/9/04
Thanx For Caring12/9/04
the nightmare12/6/04
Depression's Impact12/6/04
My Place12/5/04
Returning Coldness12/3/04
I Remember12/3/04
Sweet Meloncholy Sadness12/2/04
Truly Broken12/1/04
What You See...What You Get12/1/04
slipping into dreamworld11/30/04
Sharp Words11/29/04
Silently Screaming11/27/04
Inner Demons11/27/04
Drowning Agony11/27/04
Where I Lie11/27/04
Burning Sadness11/27/04
Broken Eyes11/26/04
Tortured Soul11/26/04
Swallowed By Fear11/26/04
See what you've done11/26/04
Tortured Soul11/26/04
Break Me Away11/26/04
Nowhere to Go11/26/04
Bloody Tears11/26/04
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