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Lastest info from Mars_Phoenix:
"I wanted those waters to be blue. And they were not. They were the nighttime waters, and how I suffered then, straining to remember the seas that a young man's untutored senses had taken for granted, that an undisciplined memory had let slip away for eternity. The Mediterranean was black, black off the coast of Italy, black off the coast of Greece, black always, black when, in the small cold hours before dawn, as even Claudia slept, I lowered a lantern down, down through the rising vapor until the fire blazed right over the lapping waters; and nothing came to light on that heaving surface but the light itself, the reflection of that beam travelling constant with me, a steady eye which seemed to fix on me from the depths and say, 'Louis, your quest is for darkness only. This sea is not your sea. The myths of men are not your myths. Men's treasures are not yours.'"

Mars_Phoenix's bio:
i'm 17 and i live in the mighty GLASGOW!! I play guitar with a local band. We just need a drummer:S lol. We are going to be awesome though:|:| William Blake is the ultimate master. Tarantino, Philip K. Dick, Mishima, Goodkind, Feist, Joseph Conrad, Anne Rice. These are the masters!! The following bands own the world: Metallica, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam, Deftones, InFlames, Hell Is For Heroes, Led Zepplin, Machine Head, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins.

Poem TitleDate
dont read not finished3/18/05
The Great Wheel3/17/05
Suicide Imperfect3/15/05
Cut By Autumn3/15/05
Cut By Autumn3/15/05
A Ghost Called Reuben3/15/05
Beneath a steel sky3/13/05
A Tomb Of A Thousand Knifes1/31/05
For A Girl (Pt.II)1/31/05
Fragments Of Soul1/31/05
Devils Card1/26/05
Within A Nation1/8/05
Run Away1/8/05
Givin' Up On Holy1/3/05
I'll Meet You On The Battlefield12/29/04
This Winter12/20/04
To Late In The Night12/19/04
Battlefield A.D12/13/04
Darrell Abbott R.I.P (Dimebag)12/9/04
Stab In The Dark12/8/04
Punch-drunk baby12/6/04
Mars Phoenix12/5/04
Dead Poets12/5/04
We Are Live12/3/04
Briefcase and Passion fakes.12/3/04
Wish You Were11/30/04
For The Girls (your not her)11/30/04
My Shadow; My Eyes11/30/04
Quiet Canvas11/23/04
We Drive11/21/04
You Iam11/19/04
Trigger Finger11/17/04
My Perfect Death11/13/04
The Sound And Fury11/13/04
The Dark Theatre II11/13/04
The Dark Theatre11/9/04
tomorrow's of the future11/3/04
Write You10/28/04
in the name of the father10/27/04
Climb Mountains10/26/04
The Fight Fight Society10/26/04
Boy No More10/22/04
Awakening (A Play)10/21/04
Children Of Saigon (Short Story)10/20/04
Little Blue Moon10/20/04
A Stolen Moment10/20/04
God is Dead10/20/04
God Is Listening (MurderPoem)10/19/04
Window To The World10/17/04
The Great Play10/17/04
Me On Suicide10/16/04
Mortality I Choose10/16/04
All The Things I Left Behind10/15/04
Frozen Like Deep Blue10/15/04
Tear Me Up10/15/04
Mako Eyes10/15/04
The Edge Of The World10/12/04
The Battle For Supremecy II10/11/04
Battle For Supremecy10/10/04
Conditioned To Believe10/10/04
I'll Find You10/9/04
Concrete Highways10/5/04
Last Winter10/4/04
The Ice Dance10/3/04
Love; Fucking; Drinking10/2/04
My Creation; My Thought.10/2/04
Blue Eyes10/2/04
A Girl And A Broken Angel10/1/04
The Girl Who Got Away With Murder9/26/04
Walking With Ghosts9/26/04
Walking Infront Of Traffic9/25/04
Why do you look at me?9/25/04
~Iam Nothing Anymore~9/24/04
I'm Not Okay9/22/04
War Song9/20/04
My Plateau Of...no wait im just drunk9/20/04
I'll Never Be Sad Again.9/18/04
For Flynn9/18/04
The Chaos Theory9/17/04
Too Late The Hero9/14/04
Awaken The Dragon9/13/04
She broke my heart, so I broke her jaw9/12/04
For You9/11/04
Darkness Has Wings9/11/04
For A Girl9/11/04
American Smile9/11/04
In The Wake Of The Fall9/11/04
In Madness You Dwell9/11/04
Midnight Crashes9/11/04
Her attention; I crave9/10/04
A dream in color9/10/04
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