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Lovely_Suicide's Poetry Profile

Lastest info from Lovely_Suicide:
My poems suck Im obsessed with suicide

Lovely_Suicide's bio:
I feel sad:( And no one cares im all alone in this big world.....:(

Poem TitleDate
No Talent's11/12/04
Prayer for help-(by me)11/9/04
Me,the quiet person11/9/04
Listen to me i got sumfin 2 say11/8/04
To mum and Dad11/8/04
Together we fight11/8/04
Going into summer11/8/04
random sucky poem11/8/04
Snakes after me11/8/04
Being Poor11/8/04
Controling me11/8/04
Maniac cuts from life11/8/04
luv is old,luv is dead11/5/04
Sir,I won't take it anymore11/5/04
I'll do the same 2 u11/5/04
Prayer that wasn't answered11/5/04
This is where i like it11/3/04
Goodbye Lullaby(suicide kinda)11/3/04
I guess...11/3/04
Like you always do11/3/04
Burn the house down10/29/04
Goodbye (i promise)10/29/04
Made my grave10/29/04
these kids by Joel turner10/29/04
Has no1 told u shes not breathing?10/29/04
Repeating lines to you10/29/04
Would you know?10/29/04
Not a Perfect Daughter10/29/04
It's to late now:(10/21/04
Our Father10/20/04
Prayer for Lonely People10/20/04
Pray for Forgivness10/20/04
10 Commandments10/20/04
Religion Helps Me Sleep At Night10/20/04
Not here (Broken-heart poem)10/20/04
Self-Explosion -the world-10/17/04
Passing death10/17/04
Don't want to [UNFINISHED ENDING]10/17/04
Horrific Dreams10/17/04
-Suicide Note.-10/17/04
why i did wat i did10/16/04
Dedicated poem 4 i_love_sandy10/15/04
>Whoever it is...is gonna pay10/13/04
Garden of blood red glass10/13/04
Devils Touch (Not about the devil)10/12/04
Jane loved Shane(Not real names)10/12/04
I Fell in love10/12/04
she's still waiting there10/12/04
Death *Part-2*10/12/04
Life *Part-1*10/12/04
When your dead everythings gone10/7/04
Died by a thorn, Now Shes not born10/7/04
Want it to end today10/7/04
Today reminds me of you10/6/04
Own abuser10/6/04
Cut my hands10/6/04
Misunderstood that u were gone10/6/04
Guilt after killing you10/6/04
Always there(From a story i wrote)10/6/04
Edit of another christmas song10/5/04
Edit of Jingle bells10/5/04
song/poem thing im just trying something10/5/04
Down below10/5/04
Last poem10/4/04
War of pain9/30/04
Taking my life9/30/04
Everyone's Blind9/30/04
Tattoo of hate9/29/04
No Funeral, No Grave9/29/04
Let me no wat u wana do 2 me9/29/04
Never had a boyfriend9/29/04
Falling into despair9/29/04
Whip of torture9/28/04
I can see what u wanna do to me9/28/04
Emotions are strong9/28/04
Tell someone(death grave poem)9/27/04
Bleeding for things9/27/04
Just another poem9/27/04
Deaths obstacles.9/27/04
Death along the week9/27/04
Thinking this over9/27/04
Turning into my eternal enemy9/27/04
Another suicide poem9/27/04
Getting me out of the picture9/26/04
Serious about suicide9/26/04
Drunk's death dream9/24/04
Your luv of suicide9/24/04
Suicidal nursery rhymes9/24/04
Edit of ring a ring a rosie9/24/04
Love-the grave9/24/04
It will end in heart-break9/24/04
i wont hide my feelings9/24/04
Caged inside9/24/04
Pain is Blood(its true)9/24/04
Cried today9/24/04
Feeling this9/24/04
Nothing anyone cares about9/24/04
Leaving my cat behind:(9/24/04
Always Suicidal9/24/04
Bloody mouth, Bloody life, Bloody tears.9/24/04
Watching my world die away9/24/04
Bringing you to life9/24/04
Human cannibal9/24/04
Criticised, Vandalized9/24/04
Im gonna9/23/04
killer roses9/23/04
ill let u win9/23/04
Dying from sadness9/23/04
take me away9/23/04
I feel like an old teddy9/23/04
Reflecting one image9/23/04
Worse then a monster9/22/04
Remind me9/22/04
why am i attention seeker?:S9/22/04
Haunted by you, Dying from you.9/22/04
Little Boxes9/22/04
Lingering song9/22/04
Changed body9/22/04
dont no wat i saw in u9/22/04
Shadow Stalker9/22/04
In my world9/22/04
playing me9/21/04
You Murdered me9/21/04
Things that will never come9/20/04
My Suicide room9/20/04
Processing for insanity9/20/04
Suicide note to the world9/20/04
Bloody pictures9/20/04
Bloody Thursday9/20/04
Bleeding, Screaming.9/20/04
photos i took9/20/04
Fallen into the dark cell9/20/04
no way bak9/17/04
blood wont stay in my veins9/17/04
Deadly career.9/17/04
Twin self.9/17/04
Deadly hands9/17/04
Judged me all ready.9/17/04
Painted faces on this windows.9/17/04
Alone is when....9/17/04
Only a suicide freak9/17/04
missing you9/17/04
Cutting 4 ur forgiveness9/17/04
Abadoned bridge9/16/04
Me the heartless Christian9/16/04
Stop expecting me to be sypathetic9/16/04
Where Pain comes from9/16/04
Just an accessorie9/16/04
Faithful at your grave9/16/04
Shrink's course death9/16/04
Tears of colours.9/15/04
Fear the Candles9/15/04
This shell i live in9/15/04
This skin9/13/04
I wish i were, But im this9/13/04
I dont know why9/13/04
I love God, I dnt care wat u think9/13/04
Guardian Angels9/13/04
My fading wings9/13/04
Your Tortuing me9/13/04
ur uncaring9/12/04
Knife you stabbed me with9/12/04
Death fairy9/12/04
The line of suicides9/12/04
The end is near9/12/04
I've come undone9/11/04
forgive me evan9/11/04
I'm sorry to this world9/11/04
Evan why did i do this?9/11/04
Cant help lovin u9/11/04
guyz are confusing9/11/04
If my life was theirs9/11/04
Hate feels this mirror9/11/04
blood is pretty, u r gross9/11/04
love is confusing9/11/04
Love is torture9/10/04
He'll neva luv me9/10/04
Black cloud9/10/04
failure 4 falling 4 him9/10/04
Little Ticking clock9/10/04
Maxium pain9/10/04
Smashing these mirrors9/10/04
Hidden behind closed doors9/10/04
It's not luv its still hate9/9/04
Broken beer bottle9/9/04
The wilting rose in the bottle9/9/04
Rented life9/9/04
My evil dictator9/9/04
Death is heaven9/9/04
Angry note to mr.who thinkx im a phsycho9/8/04
Inside, Outside.9/8/04
Class Cut9/8/04
Daydreams, Nightmares and Suicide9/8/04
4 u.9/8/04
Maze of pain9/8/04
A Suicide ending9/8/04
Loving the blood9/8/04
wishing you away9/8/04
Life causes Suicide9/8/04
Suicide of a little girl9/8/04
Death of yesterday9/8/04
Need to Get away9/8/04
Hidden cuts9/8/04
You don't9/7/04
Got rid of this all9/7/04
Pain that caused death9/7/04
Nightmares Sleep9/7/04
Wat i have to say to you9/7/04
Dreading school.9/7/04
Eating me9/7/04
My insanity9/7/04
Claw of death.9/7/04
Umcomplete without you9/7/04
Broken glass9/7/04
Death cause of you9/7/04
another owwiee9/6/04
A lie outside this body9/6/04
where is my suicide?9/6/04
Reflection of my self image9/6/04
Two dead bodies II9/6/04
Lets escape into this fairytale9/6/04
Stabbed me9/6/04
This uncaring world9/6/04
No one seems to care9/6/04
What do you do?9/6/04
Love me please9/6/04
U ass9/6/04
same pain9/6/04
Sucide & cutting9/6/04
Poison perfume9/6/04
Lifes not precious death should me9/6/04
cutting away in the dark9/6/04
My vision9/6/04
owwww my head hurts:(9/6/04
Life is like a banana9/6/04
Deadly Silence.9/6/04
Cutting, Bleeding and doing it again9/6/04
22 suicides9/6/04
Pulling me down9/6/04
Escaping you9/6/04
Bad to Worse9/5/04
I HATE9/5/04
This Voice9/5/04
The wars, My guilt9/5/04
Definitions of my 11 words.9/5/04
Sorrow blood9/5/04
My cat(Bella)9/5/04
Create a new world9/5/04
Screaming and sooking 4 nofin9/5/04
Two dead bodies9/5/04
Unanswered questions9/5/04
what he really means9/5/04
Never ending road9/5/04
Dosnt matter9/5/04
Deadly secret9/5/04
two sides II9/5/04
My razors call9/5/04
Wat my family consists of9/5/04
Hate the smile9/5/04
Two sides9/5/04
Need someone.9/5/04
Alone Here9/5/04
Suicide inside myself9/5/04
Suicide of the planet9/5/04
Toilet emotions.9/5/04
You Bastard!!!!!9/5/04
Secret fears9/5/04
no1 to talk 2.9/5/04
The death no1 noticed9/5/04
Dying with nothing9/5/04
Drawing of pain.9/5/04
i wont, i will, i wont huh?9/5/04
you choose9/5/04
Blood and guts fathers day9/5/04
feeding, pretending9/4/04
He, Her9/4/04
She knows9/4/04
i dont love u anymore9/4/04
Our death, Our bath of blood9/4/04
Let me9/4/04
Friend or foe?9/4/04
Purity vs. Blood9/4/04
chocolate milk.9/3/04
Dead from the graveyard9/3/04
The hypterising rain9/3/04
theres no we9/3/04
Nothing to write9/3/04
Let me die9/3/04
I Cut myself tonight9/2/04
i want to die9/1/04
Not knowing wat to do.8/30/04
Will it work the first time?8/30/04
i dont believe in love.8/30/04
Need to be brave.8/30/04
One last time.8/30/04
Your world, My world8/30/04
Why was i put here?8/30/04
As long as i die.8/30/04
Weakling you8/30/04
Give it away8/30/04
All love is lost8/29/04
My darker self.8/29/04
Who is she?8/29/04
3 am.8/29/04
My suicide week.8/29/04
Painful suicide8/29/04
The blackness8/27/04
no one wants me here8/27/04
Slow Suicide8/27/04
Silent Suicide8/25/04
Kill myself8/25/04
Strong not weak.8/24/04
Unforgivable sinner8/24/04
Black Roses.....8/24/04
All Alone8/24/04
i wirte about my Suicide.8/24/04
My suicide8/24/04
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