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??...Life is like a book, a book is like a box. A box has six sides. Inside and outside. So, how do you get to what's inside? How do you get what's inside out? Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a beautiful box and everybody loved her...??

Poem TitleDate
Forever and always4/17/05
Walk in my shoes4/17/05
*My suicide note*3/29/05
Nothing at all3/27/05
an ordinary girl3/27/05
Last happy day3/27/05
last goodbye3/27/05
Just one boy3/26/05
I'm drowning in your blood3/26/05
Obessession with Perfection3/25/05
Suicide for space3/15/05
My life3/15/05
My thoughts3/15/05
House of me *very random and disturbing*3/15/05
Slicing away my pain3/14/05
My Friend My Enemy(my eating disorder)3/14/05
I Will Continue To Slowly Die3/14/05
the wrost poem ever3/14/05
Writing Your Suicide Note3/14/05
The lost girl3/14/05
Death is painful3/14/05
A car is crumpled and one teen dead3/13/05
I died in more then 1 way3/13/05
A Secret Life3/13/05
My Funeral3/13/05
I can't change my fate3/13/05
A little late for goodbyes3/13/05
This is how I'll commit my suicide3/13/05
Suicide missions3/13/05
The baby with no name3/13/05
The day i die3/13/05
Main reason3/13/05
Real meaning of life is death3/13/05
How it is i wish to die3/13/05
No such thing as a goodbye.3/13/05
When i die3/13/05
My story of being a cutter3/13/05
March 13, 20053/13/05
Sixteen Candles3/13/05
The painful rules of suicide.3/13/05
Silent: 9/11/01 **not written by me**3/13/05
The lonely girl is3/13/05
I cut3/13/05
The box of life3/13/05
Tamara, Please dry your eyes3/13/05
I took a picture of that girl3/13/05
livng inside your suicide3/13/05
Dad, you'll remember3/13/05
My suicidal friend3/12/05
caskets should not come in small sizes3/12/05
Accidentally suicide3/12/05
She took her own life slowly3/12/05
She took her own life slowly3/12/05
My mind, a cutters mind3/12/05
Why wont it stop?3/12/05
silent screams2/19/05
fades to black2/19/05
This was no gift2/19/05
You think you know me2/15/05
I'll always love you.2/14/05
Twelve Dead Roses On Valentines Day2/14/05
Just a girl2/14/05
hello again2/14/05
It hurts so good2/11/05
1000 kisses2/11/05
i give up2/11/05
Where Were You2/11/05
not my father2/11/05
Stars *a nice poem for once*2/11/05
Why did I throw away my life?2/11/05
What could've been2/9/05
The love i found in you Daniel'2/9/05
Trust Me2/9/05
Live Another Day2/9/05
my actions of self-harm2/9/05
i love you2/9/05
she lays awake at night2/9/05
the night my life changed2/8/05
STOP IT!!2/7/05
He hadn't died2/7/05
Hello Daddy2/7/05
i just need help2/7/05
but you broke my heart2/6/05
This Blade2/6/05
my life2/6/05
Suicide note 22/6/05
That Night2/6/05
Suicide note2/6/05
Two Little Girls2/6/05
What You Said2/6/05
The Biggest Lie Of All, Is Me2/5/05
My Broken Family2/5/05
A Family Of Broken Hearts2/5/05
Iím sorry Daddy had to die2/5/05
let me help2/5/05
Dad your the cause of my suicide2/5/05
My Brand New Scar from my father2/5/05
Why should i continue to breath?2/5/05
your suicide2/5/05
i miss you2/5/05
suicides together at last2/5/05
her suicide2/5/05
im sorry2/5/05
As I Take My Life2/5/05
Do not give up...2/5/05
please dont cut2/5/05
Dad, why?2/5/05
cutter's your not alone2/5/05
he doesnt know what he lost!1/31/05
Cut To Fix1/31/05
I cut myself; wanting to die...1/31/05
i am too stupid1/30/05
do i have a tomorrow?1/29/05
The lost girl1/29/05
love me too?1/29/05
set free1/29/05
3 lil' word's and 15 yr's old1/29/05
cut (its kinda stupid)1/29/05
Pretty Suicide(I just wrote it)1/29/05
My letter to you, suicide1/29/05
inside of me1/28/05
Silent Pain1/28/05
Silent Pain1/28/05
all alone1/28/05
silent tears of regret1/28/05
my fear of love1/28/05
a flower but where are u??1/28/05
Dont cry little girl1/28/05
My reflection hurts1/28/05
My angel1/28/05
good bye, :'(1/28/05
Heart of steal1/28/05
like this1/28/05
Confessions of a Cutter1/28/05
The Final Cut1/28/05
The picture of you...1/28/05
The last days of the suicide kid1/28/05
A Poem For 'James'1/28/05
sweet sixteen1/28/05
The final fall12/31/04
The element of life12/31/04
If tomorrow was gone12/31/04
To deep12/31/04
Last night12/31/04
The Suicide of a teenage girl12/31/04
The Suicide of a teenage girl12/31/04
Suicidal Baby12/31/04
Broken Family12/31/04
The Lost Girl12/31/04
I thought it was Love12/22/04
A stupid dream12/17/04
Stay out of my Relationship12/17/04
The poet12/17/04
A single page12/17/04
I'm just living too die12/17/04
'It wasn't I'12/16/04
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